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I believe we all have a purpose on this Earth and we all struggle to acquire as much as possible in this life, and hopefully leaving something meaningful behind for further generations. And, with the free access to unlimited resources on the Internet, it comes as no surprise that more and more people choose to quit their former jobs and trying to pick up new skills, change their lives, and approach new career possibilities.

The free world we are all experiencing today also puts great responsibility on our shoulders, trying to make us more responsible for our actions. And the number one rule in becoming a true adult is to disseminate the information and filter it through your own rationality.

Luckily for all of us, learning new skills and even taking new classes to improve our minds and lives has never been easier. There are countless online resources that offer free access to dozens of online classes for everyone around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest free online databases.

MIT OpenCourseware

The valuable Institute of Technology from Massachusetts offers free access to hundreds of online courses in various departments. Some of the courses are suitable for students across the world while some others refer to improving a certain set of skills. From cooking classes to learn about molecular biology, all of these classes can now be learned online courtesy of MIT.

Without any registration required, you’ll have access to lecture notes, videos, exams, and others. Some of the most popular classes include psychology, microeconomics, calculus, engineering dynamics, biology, and electrical engineering.

In addition, some of the courses are also translated into different languages so you can learn everything in your own mother tongue.

iTunes free courses

Free education has never been easier for members of the Apple community. Thanks to a simple app coordinated from iTunes, Apple puts at the disposal of its users hundreds of online free classes you can join. However, the catch is that you can only access the courses from an Apple platform – iPhone, iPad, Mac OS computers, and others.

As you would have probably guessed, the platform is not compatible with Google, Android or Windows mobile devices so you’ll only have access to the classes you’re interested in as long as you’re logged in with your iTunes account from an Apple-supported platform.

On the bright side, you can access free courses on various topics, and learn them in your own language.


GED for free

This is a great online platform that helps people all over the country learn to get their GED exam and complete school classes. The platform is both suitable for students who didn’t finish high school or for people who want to take up classes again to complete their studies and receive better-paid jobs. Although useful, you may want to use this free resource with additional classes as there are no advanced courses or additional activities to help you with your studying routine.


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